Corre Conmigo Official Video Release on Youtube

Izis La Enfermera de la salsa began an initiative to motivate and bring awareness to all how important health and physical fitness is to all. “As a nurse I know how important it is to be physically active for your overall health, especially during this pandemic. I found myself not only needing to be physically active for my health but also for my mental health… while I was running, the idea of sharing my passion for Salsa and running came to me.” “La Enfermera” released her newest single called “Corre Conmigo” the official song for Corro Con Salsa initiative and with it she has created a movement of music and physical fitness. The writers of Corre Conmigo were Franky Swing and Andrew McLaughlin. The music video incorporates many who have participated in Corro Con Salsa to include recording Salsa artist and legendary singer Tony Vega. Tony Vega has overcome various health issues and knows first hand how important it is to stay physically active. The video is made up of musicians from Venezuela, dancers from Colombia, runners, walkers, bikers, zumba instructors, all the way from Texas, Chile, Peru, Florida, California, New York and more. Izis has also included radio DJs who host an hour long music for participants to run, walk, workout virtually together listening to the same music. Online radio stations from around the world have joined the initiative. “I hope everyone who listens will be motivated to workout, get in shape, take the step to be healthy,” says Izis. As the song says “Corre conmigo amor, hacia un mejor mañana…,”lets keep running, walking, moving toward a better tomorrow. Find the newest video of Corre Conmigo on Izis La Enfermera de la Salsa youtube. Izis continues to create music during this pandemic, stay tuned by subscribing to her YouTube account.

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