Abrazo en Navidad Oficial Music video

behind the scenes of Abrazo en Navidad oficial Music video launches

Izis la Enfermera de la salsa officially launches her video for Abrazo en Navidad! The music video for Abrazo en Navidad launches a video that speaks to the story behind Abrazo en Navidad. Abrazo en Navidad is a very special song for Izis since it is where her family for the first time join together to create a magical song that depicts the true message of Christmas, FAMILY. The same way the video begins it is truly how the song came about, Izis literally got home, called her cousin Monika, told her she wanted a song they could do together. 30 minutes later Monika sings Abrazo en Navidad on her guitar. The song touched Izis’ heart immediately. They went back in forth on whether the song should be so descriptive of her family. Questions such as should we say her uncle lives in New York, her aunts live in New jersey? Would the audience feel it? Izis decided this song is exactly what we all need because who doesn’t have family scattered around the world? What better way to truly leave a mark in the fans’ heart then to say the true story of what is going on. Izis currently lives in California, her heart longs to be with her mother and father in Florida, but it will be an unforeseen dream. The best way Izis felt they could depict this story was to include her family, so she asked for pictures and videos of her family members. In the video you will see her mom, cousins, uncles, aunts, sister in laws, brother in laws, nieces, nephews, children, and of course her family members that recorded on the song. Her uncle Modesto, cousins Christian, Monika, and Natalia recorded themselves as they recorded in their cousin, Juan Nieves “Tony Mona” studio. Izis hopes you all enjoy the video and share it with friends, family, YouTube channel. The song I believe will be a great way to share your love to each of your family members during this holiday season. 

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Izis also wants to offer a very special gift for your loved ones, she is offering special videos of Christmas messages you can dedicated and she can record it. She is also singing her newest single Abrazo en Navidad live for your family. You will have a video you can share with each of your loved ones. How can you get this one of a kind gift going to http://etsy.com/shop/cocolawear Be sure to check out her youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/izislaenfermeradelasalsa

Abrazo en Navidad

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