Corro Con Salsa for Angel, Help him win the battle against Cancer

Corro Con Salsa for Angel, Help him FIGHT the battle against Liver Cancer

Angel Rivera Nieves


Series of Virtual 5k/10k to raise funds for Liver Cancer patient, Angel Rivera Nieves

Con Salsa is an initiative created by Izis La Enfermera de La salsa, a nurse and Salsa recording artist. As a nurse she realized during this pandemic, now more than ever it is important to workout, be healthy both physically and mentally. The initiative brings together physical fitness and Salsa music. Events are free to anyone who wants to join and are hosted by Online Radio stations all over the world. Through the ZOOM app participants can see each other as they walk, run, bike, roller skate, dance, do any exercise they want to do. The online radio station DJ will be playing the Salsa music Izis’ says is “the best cure and the motivator”. The events are one of a kind, virtually uniting through physical fitness and Salsa. Her next upcoming events will have the option for registration to raise funds for her cousin who is battling liver cancer. 

Angel, Izis y su primas

Angel L. Rivera Nieves is Izis’ first cousin on her father’s side. He has been battling liver cancer for over 2 years. Each of the treatments are extremely expensive and it has become an economic burden on his entire family. The financial obligation required to keep Angel alive is a day to day struggle. Angel wants to live, and your help can provide him the treatment that will assist him medically. Izis’ invites all to join in the Corro Con Salsa initiative, register for the event, and know that you are not only giving to their own health but to a young man who continues to fight each day to live a full and happy life. For the small fee of $10, each registrant will receive a unique one of a kind silicon wristband they can wear proudly. All profits will be donated directly to Angel Rivera Nieves Cancer Treatment fundraiser. For those who would like to donate directly they can do so here with this link:

Corro Con Salsa Para Angel 5k/10k virtual race

What do you need to do to participate:

1) Register via this link:

2) Download Zoom app to join the Zoom Event 

3) On the day of the event, enter the Zoom meeting and walk, run, dance, during the hour

During the event you are encouraged to reach a distance goal of 5K/10K

*** You can also do your event at anytime you would like, your registration will ensure the shipping of your bracelet and donation will be sent to Angel L. Rivera Nieves cancer fund.

Thanks to past participants Izis has been able to give over $400 in donations from registrations to a non profit she supports called Rudy Regalado Foundation. Rudy Regalado Foundation helps foster children and inner city children of Los Angeles through music. With the initiative Izis’ focus is to motivate everyone to workout and stay healthy but she always wants to give back to a good cause.

LINKS TO ALL OF IZIS LA ENFERMERA de la SALSA social media and more:

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