I don’t do it for any award… but it feels nice when you are recognized!

I didn’t become a Soldier to receive recognitions, I don’t do nursing to be recognized, I don’t make music for any award… but when I am recognized I feel a sense of incredible gratitude, joy, and humility. 

I wanted to take this time to thank the incredible service that Taino Nation Entertainment, known as TANAE is doing for our musical community. I personally met CEO Ismael Castro when he created an dance event in San Antonio and invited me to open for Johnny Rivera and Ray Sepulveda. I was truly honored and incredibly excited to be given such an honor. It was there that I witnessed first hand the professionalism and passion that Ismael Castro and his team have for the music that fills my soul. 

TainoNation Entertainment

I personally know first hand it takes time, dedication, and self-less service to create community events. There are many sleepless nights, many telephone calls, many hours of promotion, and lots of investment of time and money to accomplish one’s dreams.

I wanted to thank TANAE for the development and implementation of their awards. TANAE annual awards embody a selfless act that is not often done; recognize others for their talent. 

Izis la Enfermera de la Salsa

This year I am nominated as one of the Female entertainers 2020. I am genuinely honored because 2020 pushed many of us to deep dive into our own resiliency, our compassion and tested our motivation. In 2020 I forced myself to draw upon what I have learned as a Soldier and as a Nurse- resiliency and compassion. I wanted to share my music this year and go beyond it by helping others stay motivated, stay healthy, and give back. 2020 I was able to share music I had been creating for more than four years by launching my album Te Curare. I also initiated Corro Con Salsa, which helps good causes, nonprofits through music and fitness. I wanted to unite us, even if it is virtual. 2020 has brought me closer to my fans, new relationships and has given me the drive to continue pursuing my dream.

Congrats to all the nominees for 2020! I personally invite all the fans to vote starting soon. Stay tuned for more details by checking out their website and joining in


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