Izis la Enfermera shares the B side to her cassette on 8 March- International Woman’s Day

8 March izis la enfermera launches torero a merengue dedicated to the international woman

Torero by izis la Enfermera de la Salsa launching 8 march 2021 Merengue

We all have a B-side to our own life cassette, its the side that is unexpected. Once a upon a time, when there were cassettes and even vinyl there was an A side and a B side. Traditionally the A side was the HIT song or songs that artists wanted to share with radio stations, music promoters, and so forth. The B side was perhaps that unexpected song that the artist or record label thought had potential but wasn’t the main focus of the artist. On March 8, 2021 Izis la Enfermera typically known for her romantic, emotion driven Salsa explores her musical landscape while still bringing the fans a message by recording her first original merengue. Torero, a song written by Venezuelan composer Carlos Alonso depicts a strong protagonist who is fed up and not having anymore of his or her love interests games. The bullfighter here is the not so good love interest and main character is no longer playing the part, he or she has had it! The song is super catchy and with a strong march like drum beat will have you moving your hips.

Why merengue? Izis will tell you as much as she loves Salsa, she loves music in general and more than that loves to ensure her audience is having the time of their life. “There are times when we all just want to move our bodies to a different rhythm and when I am singing live I want to be able to give that to my audience.” Merengue has been included in many well known Salsa artist repertoire in the past, such as Celia Cruz, when she sang El Guaba with legendary orchestra of Johnny Ventura. El gran Combo de Puerto Rico known for their classical salsa also recorded a song called “Yo Bailo Merengue” in 1964 and again with Compadre Pedro Juan in 1977. Taking the lead from her own Salsa idols Izis will be launching her merengue, Torero on 8 March 2021.

8 March also marks a very special day, the day of the International Woman. Izis being one herself could not help but want make the day even more special by bringing to the world a song that empowers women!

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen for the premier of Torero on all digital platforms 8 MARCH 2021 and celebrate the amazing International women who share their culture, strength, and love of their country every where they go.

Torero credits:

Compositor: Carlos Alonso

Arreglo/Mix/ Master: Emmanuel “Cerebro” Romero 

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