La Vero en Salseras y Mas

Veronica Romero “La Vero” en Salseras Y Mas

A mother of 5, a Doula, accountant, entrepreneur, manager, and Salsera… needless to say, no one else can genuinely multitask the way Veronica Romero does. Veronica, known as “La Vero,” is a powerhouse who does not give up when challenged; to the contrary, she digs deeper. Born in Chicago and raised in Puerto Rico, she began her professional career as a backup vocalist for legendary salsa artist Cano Estremera. Her vocals have shared the presence with Grammy award winners such as Lalo Rodríguez, salsa masters such as Luisito Carrión, Héctor Trichoche, Johnny Rivera, Richy Ray, and Bobby Cruz, Choco Orta, Tommy Olivencia, and many many more. Her career in Salsa spans over 20 years, and she has recently become the lead singer of Orchestra Fuego. She is shaking up the salsa world with her recent singles Mi Ritmo, Soy Rumbera, and soon Le Cierro La Cocina, Hipocrita, Lentamente Poco a Poco, and Quien las entiende. Izis la Enfermera de la Salsa has been honored to have La Vero sing as her corista and has said… “the best coros, the most professional, and truly a blessing.” La Vero is a testament to the inner strength, endurance, and passion women share in the salsa scene. Find her story on The show launches 25 OCT, 2020 at 6pm EST live on Izis la Enfermera de la salsa Facebook channel and her youtube channel. Stay tuned till the end, where there will be a special DUET you do not want to miss.

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thank you so much Marcus! I truly appreciate your vision and look forward to hearing about all the future projects!

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