REACH YOUR GOALS 2021 TIPS from ARMY NURSE, SALSA SINGER, & Corro Con Salsa creator Izis la Enfermera de la salsa

HERE WE GO! 2021 Corro Con Salsa Con izis la Enfermera de la salsa

FEW TIPS ON HOW TO REACH YOUR FITness 2021 Goals from a nurse

We have all made New Year goals, some we reach, others we struggle with. As 2021 is approaching I wanted to share some of the recent tips I have learned for reaching my goals.

Tip #1

Begin with a goal that is realistic. Perhaps running a 10 K marathon is one of your goals, but if you haven’t been running AT ALL setting a more realistic goal of running a 5 K marathon would be much more feasible.

Tip #2

WHAT MOTIVATE YOU? It’s an important question to analyze what truly motivates you. What makes you want to wake up in the morning? What makes you truly happy? It may be your children, your spouse, the desire to NOT let anyone down… whatever it is, you need to deep dive into your soul and find what makes you tick! We often say to ourselves what we think others want to hear or even what we think we want to hear. For example:

I want to meet this fitness goal because I want to be healthy. If that doesn’t move you, or perhaps it does, but only for a month, you need to relook at your Motivation statement; maybe something more profound is required, such as I want to meet this fitness goal because I want to see my grandchildren marry.  to meet this fitness goal because I want to be healthy. 

Tip #3

WRITE OUT YOUR EXCUSES AND PLAN YOUR COUNTER ATTACK. Planning what you will do when confronted with “excuses” or “reasons to not do what you need to get to your goal” is important because we all will find speed bumps in our journey. Think of this as PLAN B, your Attack plan, Your countability check. For example:

“Its too cold outside” – I will walk or run at the gym; I will ensure I have extra jacket and hat ready to go

“I don’t have time today” – I may not have the normal amount of time but, I do have 15 minutes during lunch I can squeeze in a quick walk, jog, run; I will ensure tomorrow I will do an extra 30 minutes of walking

“I don’t feel like working out today”- I am going to reach out to my friend, he/she will get me going; REMEMBER your MOTIVATION (look at a picture, say a power statement to yourself)

Tip #4

BREAK DOWN YOUR GOAL INTO SMALL PIECES. Sometimes it can be daunting to look at a big goal at one time. Break down that goal into small reasonable pieces, day to day, Week to Week, Month to Month, and WRITE IT DOWN. Sometimes the simple act of writing down your checklist makes it feel REAL, and you can see what you have to do, you can cross it out, you can rejoice in the pleasure of knowing you did it!

Tip #5

HAVE SOMEONE/SOMETHING TO HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE. I don’t mean have a drill SGT who is haunting you everyday… there are lots of things you can do:

-find a workout buddy -join a workout app group -it could be as simple as putting a Facebook post of your workout each day. Sometimes I find myself thinking, “If I don’t work out today, then I can’t post my workout, and then maybe I will have let someone down who needed the motivation” Use social media as your accountability. The nice thing is you will literally have a record of everything you do and when you reach your goal YOU can reflect on every workout, every step, every tough day you had.

Meeting those small goals means so much more when you can share it and perhaps know it may motivate or inspire someone else. When you reach those goals I am 100% sure that accountability person, site, app, group, will enjoy your success as much as you!

Tip #6

BRING MUSIC INTO YOUR LIFE. Ok, so this one is slightly bias… lol, I love music and have found that music truly can be a driving force for action! Find that perfect song that gets you going and have it ready for when you just don’t feel like doing what you need to do. If you haven’t found Salsa… I would happily suggest CHECK IT OUT! Salsa music has been my true inspiration to create Corro Con Salsa. It has motivated me to get more physically active, stay mentally fit, and connect with others! Need a suggestion?… check out my newest single Corre conmigo… it was literally made to get you motivated to run!

I hope you find these simple tips motivating. There are many more I can share and if you want more please be sure to leave me a comment, I would love to know how I can help. LEAVE YOUR TIPS below, I would love to add your tips to my future blogs! LETS FACE 2021 with hope, optimism, and an internal drive to reach our goals! We are in this TOGETHER!!!

-Isis Rosario “Izis la Enfermera”

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Tip # 5 is so important. Not much in the sense of being accountable but, in having a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging will provide you with a task and purpose. It’s that purpose and feeling of belonging that will motivate you into walking/running your set distance. It’s that sense of belonging what makes you feel part of your team therefore; wanting to finish the task (walk/run). Having a local walk/run group will also provide you with opportunity to meet new people as well as share moments together in a social activity (after vaccination and it’s permitted). In the meantime, you can join a virtual team and feel free to motivate each other. You must stick it out for 45 days or more. Since we are creatures of habits, the 45 days or more will hopefully provide you with a new habit, one to last you a lifetime. Here’s to good run/walk and comradery. See you on the trail.

I completely agreed Luis! Definitely the time frame is another factor, one must give your body mind and SOUL time to adapt and change, you will get to a point when your body will ask for it 🙂 SEE You on the trail thanks again!!

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