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Izis la Enfermera de la salsa is known for her creativity as she is not only a singer but an artist, entrepreneur and continuously looking for ways set herself apart from others. Izis has a very special way to connect with her fans and help all the media platforms that help artists like herself. “I want to always give back to the platforms and media that help artists like myself that are new, working hard to get their music to the fans.” The application is completely free and can be downloaded on both android and apple devices. User can simply go to their app store and search for Izis la Enfermera de la Salsa. 

What can you expect from the Izis la Enfermera APP

  • Exclusive unreleased Music
  • Radio stations that play Salsa all in one place
  • Izis’ calendar
  • Izis’ Salsa friends- find their latest hits
  • Podcasts
  • Blog
  • Izis’ Etsy store
  • Composers
  • Arrangers
  • Recording Studios

PLUS, Izis sends out push notifications bringing you the latest news, motivational words, and reminders for special events. 

Izis recently updated the app bring a new look and adding the amazing talents she has been working with through her journey as a Salsa recording artist. 

CHECK IT OUT TODAY and enjoy the exclusive APP, Izis La Enfermera de La Salsa.

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