4 OCT marked the first ever Salseras Y Mas show. Salseras y Mas is a program launched by Izis La Enferemer de la salsa in order to get to know the women who are diligently working on their music careers. Women who are independent artists like herself and are juggling being a mom, a wife, a student, an entrepreneur. What motivates them? How do they do it all? The other day she was inspired by Grammy award winning Alicia Keys interview where the interviewer asks her about women in the industry, she stated she would like to see more women producers, arrangers and so forth. Like Alicia, she would love to see more women in the Salsa scene and believe that united we can truly make a difference. Fans may be curious to know why and how they do it? Why did they choose Salsa and not another musical genre? Izis also wanted to begin collaborations with my fellow Salseras, she believes they are all in it together but it seems collaborations are few and far in between. If the veteran Salseras she admires are not giving the helping hand, then she will start. Izis hopes to bring to my fans music by women who are inspiring, motivating, and working hard to create amazing music. She personally wants to be motivated and inspired by them and invites you all to sit back and listen to their stories. Salseras y Mas will launched with an amazing young lady who realized there is a need for more young people in Salsa. She is stealing everyone’s heart with her soulful voice. Her talent is beyond measure and with the amazing team she has behind her I know she will reach her goals.

Check out the video of Episode one on

youtube video episode 1 Nikki Alva and Izis la Enfermera de la Salsa

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