The first Puerto Rican deaf Latina Aerospace Engineer was inspired to sign a Salsa song, so those who can not hear it can enjoy it as much as she does

Her hands sing a song that touches the world

The first Puerto Rican deaf Latina Aerospace Engineer was inspired to sign a Salsa song, so those who can not hear it can enjoy it as much as she does

Nadmi Casiano sign language for Salsa song
Nadmi Casiano Signs to Salsa Song by Izis la Enfermera de la salsa “Te Curare”

Even as I write this blog, I feel humbled, that Nadmi Casiano took the time to sign a song so that others who can not hear can enjoy it. I met Nadmi at a festival and was grateful for her friendship and her love of music. I did not know her story until a few weeks ago when she surprised me with a gift; my song Te Curare in American Sign Language. I was taken aback and grateful for her offer. I could only think, to myself, that I need to know more; why did she do it? What is her story? So today, I present to you the story behind Nadmi Casiano’s gift, talent, and love. 

Nadmi Casiano, a native of Puerto Rico, is deaf and like herself, so is her sister. Both come from a musical family, and she says with a smile, “I don’t have the talent to sing, but I do have the talent to be able to sing and play instruments with my hands, that is, through sign language.” With the little hearing she has left, her hearing aids, and her surroundings, she can enjoy music, dance to it, and even play instruments. Nadmi can play congas, bongos, guiro, maracas, and cowbells. She is incredibly grateful to God and her family for teaching her; since she was a child,  there is no limit if you put your mind to it, you can do it.  That same determination and drive motivated her to complete her Aerospace Engineering degree, and as such, she is the first deaf Puerto Rican Latina to earn this degree. Her next passion involves music, signing, and dance. She feels passionate about this because growing up with a father who was a director of photography and cinema, she was able to meet legendary and world-wide recognized singers such as Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Wisin and Yandel, Olga Tanon, amongst many others. 

This background in music and video production, inspired her to create a video of the music she loves so that her deaf brothers and sisters around the world can enjoy Latino music. 

How did she decide to make the video?

Nadmi recognizes a lack of sign language interpreters in many aspects of communication, from government offices, hospitals, news, but especially in music. Nadmi, met me at a festival and says that she was signing the lyrics to her fiancé to help her understand the song. Doing so helped her fiancé further enjoy the music and truly understand the song beyond the rhythm. From the stage, I didn’t know this was happening; I know had I seen her, I would have brought her up immediately for the world to see, and enjoy. Perhaps I didn’t catch on then, but now is my chance to share her incredible talent and gift. She asked me if I would allow her to sign a song, and without any hesitation, and with a feeling of gratitude, I said, “of course!” We decided a good song would be one with a positive message, a message of love, healing, and the power of music; Te Curare. 

Who made the video?

Nadmi and her fiancé Ruth Rosas created the signed version video of Te Curare and did an incredible job. We all hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Nadmi does not represent any organization. She and Ruth did this with the desire to share her love of music with those who are deaf like herself and her sister and would like to invite you all to reach out if you have questions or want to connect in music and sign language.


Izis la Enfermera de la salsa Youtube Channel

JAN 27th

Nadmi Casiano signing Te Curare

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