The SALSA NURSE BRINGS FANS the chance to WIN a Personalized VIDEO MESSAGE

WIN A FREE PERSONALIZED MESSAGE and SONG from Izis la enfermera de la salsa

Izis la Enfermera de la salsa brings her fans the opportunity to have a personalized video message. What better gift for the holidays than sharing music. All you have to do is follow, like, subscribe, download her social media platforms. Send her a screen shot of the followed social media page and you will earn a ticket each, up to 5! Then on specific days Izis will personally do a Facebook live announcing who won! She will be giving away 5 videos. In each video Izis will dedicate the intro to whom you like, yourself, your mom, your dad, your cousins, your mailman; you choose! Any QUESTIONS put them down below in the comments or send email to

Here are the 5 different options:

  1. Follow her FB page Izis la enfermera de la salsa
  2. Follow her Instagram page Izis la Enfermera
  3. Follow her artist page Izis la Enfermera on SPOTIFY
  4. Subscribe to her official youtube page Izis la Enfermera de la salsa
  5. Download her FREE app on your Iphone or android device

ANNOUNCEMENT DATES on her FACEBOOK PAGE LIVE at 5pm California, 7pm Texas/Oklahoma 8pm EST

  1. DEC 24
  2. DEC 25
  3. DEC 29
  4. DEC 30
  5. DEC 31

Dont miss this awesome opportunity! If you are a SUPER FAN and already have all her social media and app send in your screen shots for 5 tickets and then refer a friend and have them send their screen shots for 5 tickets a GRAN TOTAL OF 10 tickets!!!

ITS FREE! don’t miss out! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

LINKS TO ALL OF IZIS LA ENFERMERA de la SALSA social media and more:


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